Upholstery Cleaning using Aridex


Recently Star Fabric Care invested in several Aridex upholstery cleaning machines. Aridex brings a new system to cleaning unlike any other. Host who developed the Aridex system pride themselves by saying Aridex machines are safe for virtually all fabrics, have low moisture, 90% to 93% less than most other methods and a short drying time.


Demonstrations of the machine were shown to display the machines capabilities on various upholstery stains and item spills. Below the operator simulated a clean on some upholstery.



Another operator then used the machine on the spill and showed how well Aridex can aid the cleaner with minimum effort. The machine made short work of the spill and also showed a clear definition on the upholstery around it.



Interestingly Aridex rotate inwards to pull up and particles from the upholstery. Below you can see the mechanism the Aridex upholstery cleaning machine uses and why it is truely unique in comparison to other cleaners.



After visiting the host and realising the capabilities of this cleaner we made the decision to invest in this upholstery cleaning machine for both us as a company and you as a customer. Aridex is a high end upholstery cleaner that we offer to our customers as we believe that success is built on service, a service that you can be assured is the very best.

Where do you offer carpet cleaning services?

We offer carpet cleaning services throughout Yorkshire, but our carpet cleaning experts work mainly in the areas of Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and York.