Leather Repair and Restoration


1. Scuffs 6. Colour Loss
2. Rips & Tears 7. Pet Damage
3. Scratches 8. Leather Cracking
4. Stain Removal 9. Restoration
5. Nail Varnish Removal 10. Car interior Seat Restoration/Repair/Clean



About Leather



Why is leather furniture so popular?

Leather furniture is extremely popular today with many of us owning and displaying leather furniture within our homes. There are many reasons why leather is so popular and why it remains the material of choice for many.

Leather is very durable, and does not become damaged easily. Leather is also incredibly comfortable and comfort is always something we are looking for when purchasing furniture. Leather can adjust to the temperatures of our bodies when we sit on it, providing a great level of comfort.

However, not only is leather highly practical but it is stylish too. Leather is available in a range of colours and styles so can be tailored to the tastes of any client.

How can leather furniture be cleaned?

As with everything within the home, leather also has to be cleaned on a regular basis. There are a number of products available for leather cleaning but unfortunately, the quality of these products is not always guaranteed by some cleaners. There are leather cleaning products available which actually damage and dull the quality of the leather instead of cleaning it as promised. If you require leather cleaning, it is best to seek the advice and assistance of leather cleaning experts such as ourselves.

What if leather furniture becomes damaged?

There are many ways to help to repair leather items if you seek the help of those trained in professional leather repair. We at Star Fabric Care have the tools and products to be able to offer a high standard of leather repair on a range of products and items. Leather may be durable but instances do occur when owners of leather furniture require assistance and we are here to help. If you find your leather items do need repairing, we can offer you appropriate leather repair services.

If leather loses its colour, is there anything you can do?

Yes, part of our leather repair service includes re-colouring. Leather can fade over time or it may be you decide you would prefer your leather in a different colour. Either way, we can re-colour your leather to the colour of your choice.


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Leather Re-colouring services



We also now offer a revolutionary recolouring service for leather. We can take any existing leather and re colour it to any colour of your choice. Click here for more information.


Where do you offer leather repair services?

We offer leather repair services throughout Yorkshire, but our leather restoration experts work mainly in the areas of Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and York.