Curtain Cleaning


Why do I need to get my curtains cleaned?

Curtains are often hanging in the majority of rooms within a house and they can really make a statement. Curtains come in a range of colours, fabrics and styles and are a special design feature within many rooms. However, even though many of us see and use our curtains every day, many of us forget about cleaning them. This is a big mistake because curtains can gather dust and dirt easily, and then hang in our rooms dirty for all to see. If you haven’t had your curtains cleaned for a considerable amount of time, it is highly likely they could really benefit from deep curtain cleaning.

Won’t it be a hassle taking my curtains down, taking them to the cleaners and then putting them back up?

The thought of trying to take all the curtains within your home down, carry them to the cleaners and put them back up once they have been cleaned is a thought that fills many of us with dread. This is because cleaning curtains like this is time consuming and is a pain. However, this is not the only way you can get your curtains cleaned.

We at Start Fabric Care will come to your house to pick up your curtains if this is what you would like, and will then drop them off to you after using our intensive curtain cleaning machines. Alternatively, we are also able to come to your home with our specialised curtain cleaning equipment and give your curtains a thorough clean this way.

My curtains are expensive; will they be damaged by your machines?

No, all of the curtain cleaning items and products we use will be appropriate for the curtains we are cleaning. We are dedicated to providing you with a high quality curtain cleaning service and so your curtains will be fresh and clean, and they certainly will not be damaged in any way.

Is there anything else you can do to keep my curtains in good condition?

Yes, we can also stain guard your curtains for you so they will be protected from any future spills or stains that may occur in your home.

Where do you offer carpet cleaning services?

We offer curtain cleaning services throughout Yorkshire, but our carpet cleaning experts work mainly in the areas of Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and York.