Carpet Cleaning


How clean is your carpet?

Carpets are something the majority of us have in our homes, and something that we love to feel under our feet. Carpets are soft, warm and can be highly luxurious, but they are often something within our homes that go neglected when it comes to cleaning. Of course we all vacuum regularly and clean up any marks or stains that we notice, but the dirt deep within the carpet often goes unnoticed and untreated because we simply donít realise it is there.

What is the best carpet cleaning solution?

The best solution to this problem is to hire carpet cleaning specialists like us at Star Fabric Care. We have high quality carpet cleaning machines developed to provide intensive carpet cleaning to carpets of all materials and styles. These machines are able to clean right down to the base of the carpet, ensuring every bit of dirt and dust is taken care of and you are left with a carpet that looks, feels and smells as clean as when you first purchased it.

Won’t my carpets be wet for a long time after such a thorough clean?

No, we are carpet cleaning experts and use appropriate tools and services to ensure your carpet is as dry as possible once your intensive carpet cleaning session has ended. We know you donít want to feel damp carpet under your feet and that you donít want to feel like you cannot walk on your carpet for a long period of time. This is why we use a triple vacuum to help the carpets we clean to dry as soon as possible.

Is there anything I can do to protect my carpets in the future?

Yes, regular intensive carpet cleaning sessions are recommended to keep your carpets in the best condition possible, but we are also able to provide you with a top quality stain guard. This will help your carpets to cope with any future spills or stains that they may have to endure. Protecting your carpets in this way will make the carpet cleaning process even more effective and successful. Look after your carpets properly and their quality will last even longer.

Where do you offer carpet cleaning services?

We offer carpet cleaning services throughout Yorkshire, but our carpet cleaning experts work mainly in the areas of Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and York.